Sunday, February 28, 2016

Make Up.....

Today I went exploring in the 

and not pushy....
was the lovely person who answered my questions & suggested things.

This is how you do it, if you feel slightly intimidated ...
"Do you have a range of makeup for older women."
Ask the assistant to tell you about the range
Don't make the mistake anywhere of asking or being slipped across to anti - aging products.
I figure I have gone too far for them LOL
This is about making up !!!

I was first shown the amazing range of light foundations....
the moisturiser to pop under that.

I kept asking ...eye shadow, I was shown the eraser coverup pencil for filling in under the eyes...
a moist filmy blusher
eyebrow colouring in a powder form ..
( no I don't need that but what a great product for anyone who does)

Oils of Life also looked interesting 
I have free samples of the 
Intensely revitalising oil 
the intensely revitalising sleeping cream
 I have the oil on now... can you see how divine that looks ???

I also pondered the hand & foot products...
Lots to save for....look forward to.... 
Oh what absolute fun this part of the journey will be.


I asked if the shop did full makeup ..
$40 which is redeemable in product...
on March 8th 
I will be having a beauty treatment ..
with my redeemable $40 
 I have plans
To buy...
a foundation which is about $16....
The blusher...???
Just do not let me go crazy first off...
I need to eat...LOL
Perhaps there is an incentive food junk makeup as the reward for not doing so 

You will just love a little look with some attention on the details of the ranges.
I want some foot peppermint stuff later too.

I did buy the moisturiser
I liked the finesse to that....
This was about $36  I think.

I walked past a grand large poster Iris in the Blue Illusions window....
the lady who has helped move me forward...


Nicole said...

Doux J├ęsus...Barbara ! You're gone be just splendide....
....and I'll have to offer you a big cosmetic bag....
And....I love Body Shop, especially their Moringa range (hmmmm! the smell....)
I'll write this evening, life has been busy...

theodora said...

I so enjoyed my visit to the Body Shop yesterday it could get to be a delightful habit.....
Barb xxx