Sunday, February 21, 2016

I do feel like a fish out of water some days !.

Beginning this adventure has suddenly presented different challenges
First is putting this into the wider world ...
Friends are responding on my emails 
Nicole has made a fun comment !
I will need to ask permission to share the private comments on here... too as I wander along

I need to take photos of other things than I usually do...
Thinking shifts too
How do I ??? 
where do I look ???

I am quite excited about venturing into the big store where the makeup & the experts in each field are advising & selling well known brands that  I basically cut my teeth on..

I thought I need to have a face makeup for my age & allergies 
I now I wonder is it the  Bodyshop first or to the Clinque counter.????

During my hairdressing apprenticeship I was tutored in Revlon makeup 
As we sold it in the salon & had a makeup consultant ...
It was a magical time....
eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, cleanser etc etc

I was fortunate to be taught manicuring at this stage..
My fingernails have been so sadly neglected now even though I know what should be done..

Nail Salons ...
Has anyone gone to have this experience...?

I shudder as my neighbour shows me her nails after the false ones have been removed...
the odour of the products in a small space bothers me...
on saying that 
I recently took to dropping into a beautician on Bath Lane for a manicure & later a pedicure & a waxing of eyebrows.
I go when the purse permits or I'd rather starve than look at these eyebrows in this state another day. 
I may also try the beautician for makeup too
Ah so many choices 

This blog is just feeling it's feet..
has anyone got good recommendations of where the makeup is for us to look windswept & interesting & beautiful.
I look for trusted product 
I think I need to harness my free range approach to creativity  in a bit for this ....
We'll see....LOL

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